Monday, January 15

Busy Times

Yeah, i know i've been slack on my updates but hey it's been a busy time for me. Alright so after my first week at work for '07 i headed out for my usual weekend of parties... Unfortunately the city was pretty dead being the first weekend after New years... Hell not everyone is like me, out partying every weekend... Some people do need a break every now and then. I didn't take any photo's at Katwalk as the crowd wasn't big enough. So after checking out a few other places i came to the conclusion that the city was dead... And went back to Kate's to drink with her Max, Ronnie & Mel.
Saturday i headed into Surrey Hills to meet with Kat & Rich for a late breakfast, before going back to Kat's to swim in the rooftop pool (she lives at the Waldorf in the city so there is a pool on the roof :).
Saturday night was still pretty quiet but i was shooting for The Brag so i had to hit a few venues during the night, Went to Cricketers Arms, Melt Bar & The Cross... was supposed to do Excelsior as well but it was beyond empty. After The Brag shoots i went up to Candy's Apartment for Lookin' Good.
After Lookin' Good i went down to Spice, but due to the quiet night it was kinda empty... So they kicked us out at 7.30am instead of letting us wait till normal closing time.

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