Thursday, October 12

Saturday Night

Saturday night after going down to the Mandarin Club to check out Strange Karma (and being so tired i almost fell asleep). I headed over to Lookin' Good @ candy's apartment to check out Sam Serene & Jay Smalls ripping up the backroom. There were some great beats pumping out of that room, including a few that have been playing in the back of my head all week long. I'll definately be looking forward to the next Lookin' Good. Then about 5am we all headed over to Spice @ plantation bar, still not sure how i survived until 7... I should've been out cold hours before that... but there i was.


Belinda said...

because your a party animal through and through, thats why you were able to saty out till 7

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I think you may be onto something there