Saturday, October 14

I Love Warehouse Parties

What more can i say... Warehouse parties are much more fun than your regular nightclub. More weird and interesting people to talk to and others to laugh at when you find them passed out in the most random locations. This one in particular was probably the most well organized party i had ever been to. Even the police who dropped by as usual by but after seeing all the security, the first aid room, and everything all so well organized, turned around and didn't come back again that night. It was really packed full of people either dancing to the music, or hanging in one of the few assorted chillout areas. The whole thing had been organized by Sydney Artist Jarrod Taylor who rented this space out. Music during the night featured The Knife Machine, Van She Tech, Banshee, Beau Monde and more. It did get a little hot and sweaty in there due to lack of ventilation but didn't make it any less of a great party.


Belinda said...

whats a little sweat when your having a great time?

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Pretty god damn much