Sunday, October 15

Out on the town

My good friend Katherine called me on Saturday to invite me out for dinner that night (as it was her birthday in a few days), also a friend whom i had never actually met Kaelah was down from brisbane and called me cause she had some free time. Luckily we were both due to meet people at the same time around Newtown, so i finally got to meet her properly and still made it to the mexican restaurant for dinner with Kat. After hanging with Kat and her friends for a little while i had to head off to go over and catch up with Rich at Bondi Junction. Went to see him play at Bondi Easts Leagues Club, till i caught a train back into the city around midnight to go and catch up with maxi... and avoid missing the last train for the night.

1 comment:

Belinda said...

if only transport would run all during the night you wouldnt be forced to catch the last train and less cabs means cleaner thoery anyways