Monday, October 23

Live @ Sydney Entertainment Centre

Last friday night i got to go and see one of my favourite bands of all time, Live. It was a great show, and enjoyed it... even though i couldn't be down the front taking photo's (you have no idea how hard that was), though i did manage to grab a few pics from my seat. This is the second time i have seen them and i swear Ed Kowalczyk has such an amazing stage presence that no one even cared that he forgot the words in the middle of a song. And once more he managed to get the entire audience singing for a good ten minutes, the only times i have ever felt the atmosphere of a concert have been while seeing Live. The music is so uplifting and has helped me when i was feeling down, simply put i love Live... What more can i say.
Of course after this i went up to the Cross with Rich, where we checked out Sinister Sounds a new Breaks Dj @ The World Bar. After that i dropped into the city to catch up with Dj Levi 5 Star and a few guy's that play with him in La Fiesta Sound System.


Belinda said...

i would have sold my splein to go to live...its not fair, and they havent even been hear yet! awesome photos

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I was pissed with the photo's i took... Too far away. But yeah i still Love the music.