Monday, May 29

'Holy Freaking Shit' Or 'My Weekend'

So yeah, after the night i had on thursday you think i'd sleep all weekend... Right... Wrong! I to a friends place on Friday night and sat around drinking and smoking all night (including something else i hadn't had before). Then drank most of Saturday and ended up going to a house party on Saturday night... not that i knew anyone that was there. It was just a few doors down from me and the people there had been courteous enough to put out some notices and saying we could drop by for a few drinks. So i poured myself some vodka and wandered over got the whole 'who the hell is this' stare when i walked in, but introduced myself as 'Luke from #87' and everyone got used to me. Of course before the night was through we were going crazy, dancing to columbian music in the Livingroom. Great weekend, i even managed to sleep it all of on Sunday before having to go back to work.

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