Tuesday, May 9

Blaine Screws It!!

Now i'm sure you've all heard of David Blaine and his attempts to get on the show 'Jackass'... Ok, so he's not trying to get on jackass but with the stupid stunts he pulls you'd think he was. His recent attempt involved being locked in a tank of water for 7 days... as you do. Of course he had planned that before he came out he would be chained up and unhooked from the breathing aparatus so that he could try and complete the trick that killed The Great Houdini. Apparantly Blaine was only more successful than Houdini in the respect that he didn't die... Pussy. If he was going to screw it up so badly he should've at least followed Houdini and died with dignity instead of being dragged out like a wannabe. Still the bastard is going to score about $9 million in advertising alone. Oh well at least according to Dr Murat Gunel of Yale University, who said a lack of adequate oxygen in Blaine's brain during the breath-holding challenge, especially after seven days under water, carried a risk of irreversible brain injury.
-Pic and story from smh.com.au - "Blaine Damaged"

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