Friday, May 26

Strange Karma @ The Marquee Last Night

So, it's 6am, i got home about 4:30 and used that time to sort the photo's i took last night of the guys from Strange Karma. I got there early and watched the guys set up and do their sound checks, then stayed through the two bands before them just so i could watch their show. It was a fucking awesome set and they rocked the joint up something fierce. Shea even came up from melbourne again. Everyone had an awesome night at the Marquee. Of course by about 1:00 when it was finished and everything was packed up we headed to the Stonewall (gay bar) up on Oxford St In the City, of course i'd had such a great night (and alot of alcohol) that i ended up actually dancing like a nut on the stage (and no i'm not gay). But as with all good night's they have to come to an end at some point. So when we realized we only had enough left to get home we decided it was time to leave. Good choice i guess, i still have to be at work in about 2 hours. Yay.

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Belinda said...

bummer being at work so early, thats got to suck but hey at least you had fun...perhaps a little to mich by the sound of things! keep up the good work buddy.

bee xox