Monday, November 20

Trashbagging... To The Extreme!

Saturday night was such a trashbaggy night, headed up to the cross to check out Kid Mc and the Blank Djs playing @ Big Guns held at Candy's apartment. But i soon wound up heading up to sam's to wait around until 1 for jaden to show up... Then we went to One Love @ Tank nightclub to check out the venue and see what the night was like, only wound up hanging there for a little while before heading up to Moulin Rouge at the Cross...
Then over to Spice for the usual Sunday morning recovery... Though this sunday by the time we reached that point i was so trashed. Wound up hanging there until quite early in the morning.
Didn't actually get home until around 10.30 Sunday morning.


Belinda said...

trash bag, where do they come up with the titles?

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

H'mmm... I'd say it's got something to dop with the state... Your body begins to feel like it should be waiting on the side of the road for the garbageman.