Sunday, November 12

Jadens Birthday

Saturday night we all headed up to Yu to celebrate Jadens Birthday. Unfortunately Yu was packed out with kid's getting messed up and dancing to some pretty standard music. But hey we claimed an area and made the most of it, bunch of trashbaggers rocking things up a little.
After Yu, we dropped by Moulin Rouge for a little bit, to kill some time and listen to The Potbelleez... Until Spice was open anyway...
Things where funky as ever up at Spice, everyone partying until after the sun had risen. But just look at this last pic of Jaden... has anyone else noticed that he's changed outfit's 3 times in one night... Talk about stylish.


Belinda said...

where did he put all of his outfits that what i want to know? lol, he looks like a very happy go luck scamp im sure he enjoyed his birthday and im sure you did too

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

You know i did!!!
I think he ducked home between clubs and changed outfits.