Thursday, November 23

Michael Falzon, Live @ The Basement

Last night i headed into The Basement to See Michael Falzon (from 'We Will Rock You' musical). I was taking some photo's for, wound up hanging around until almost 11.30 and had a hell of a time getting home, but that's another story.
The night was started off with a set from the incredibly gorgeous and talented Susannah Stone. Until later in the night when Michael got up and put on a show, he had a supporting band that included three violinist's. Pretty good music (not my scene, but good music anyway).


Belinda said...

still good to go along and have a listen who knows maybe you'll get into something new next time

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I doubt there is anything new for me to get into... Punk is virtually the only kind of music i don't listen to... Just meant the crowd wasn't my scene