Wednesday, November 1

Partying hard saturday night

Saturday night i went up to Equilibrium to check out the Musica afterparty... which was dead... so instead i ran down to Strangeways- @ The Terrace above Home. We were down there to celebrate Jay Smalls birthday, he was djing in The Box that night and everyone was there to support. I've never been to the darlingharbour clubs before (too many wankers for my liking), but we had a great time... except for a few problems (couple of stolen items and a perve) but other than that it was good. After strangeways we all went to Spice (recovery club) up at Kings Cross, where i stayed till around 8.00am befor finally going home. No photo's, i know... but, hey it was a party night.


Belinda said...

perves and stolen items make for bummer things to happen on good nights out, but it happens, just hope nothing signifigant or pricey was pinched

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

C'mon it's always pricey... a bag with 2 wallets and 6 pills in it... and a digital camera went walkabouts... F*cking Lads