Monday, March 20

Went to the Market's with Bec on Sunday, I managed to find 2 more sega megadrive games ($5ea) for my collection; Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck - World of Illusion, and Haunting, both awesome games that i used to own (but stupidly sold when i was younger). There was also a really good condition Gumby video for only $2. Bec got a nice ring (upper right of picture above) for $15. I was shocked when i saw a stall at the markets selling Okonomiyaki, a dish i first heard mentioned in Ranma 1/2. So for $7 i had a Pork Modan Okonomiyaki, which is essentially flour egg and shredded cabbage with Pork and Noodles, plus all the essential sauces that go on it. God Damn it was good. For dinner last night i had the idea of using last nights left over sausages from last night to make curried sausages, it tasted pretty good... until 4am this morning when i got to taste it again.

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