Sunday, March 12

Check out the Gouldian finches...

I was just over at the shops with Bec today and she saw some birds she liked so here they are back at my place.
Poephila gouldiae:
- Or 'Black Faced Gouldian Finches'
They had a breeding pair for sale at the local Petsworld only AU$99.95.
You know your jealous, I have an endagered species in a cage. There's only about 2500 (or so) of these guys running around Northen Australia.
we're gonna try and breed them so we can have 'Baby Bird's' (I'll get my camera ready for 'Cute Overload')
Anyway i gotta finish washing the clothes.
For anyone who's interested in getting some of there own, I found some helpful information about the Gouldian Finches at

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