Wednesday, March 8

Sydney Mardi Gras 2006

Holy Shit...
That's all i can say.
Me and my mate Adam started off with a bottle of Vodka wandering through Hyde Park.
We saw the crowd of people moving up towards Oxford St, so we decided to follow.
We didn't even see the parade because we were behind the crowd but we followed it pretty much all the way to the end. By the time we had reached the end we had reached 'pissed' and the shirts soon came off.
So there's my and adam dancing down the street drunk as fucks... I don't remember much after that except for hooking up with some 17yo girls and getting more vodka.
Of course the next morning i had 3 girls in my bed and a slight headache, seems i had a good night for a change.
Ok so i guess it's time to get some batteries for my camera so i can upload some new pics or i'm going to end up with a bland looking blog.

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