Monday, March 27

Big Mouth Fish & Reality TV

Ok is anyone else sick of 'Reality TV', i mean fuck. I have the tv on while i'm doing things around the house and right now i can hear 'Australia's biggest loser' honestly if your on that show you've all ready achieved 'Biggest Loser' in my books.
I mean if you were really that overweight would you want to go on tv and show everyone???
And i'm seriously dreading the upcoming BB06, although i still think Big Brother should evict all the housemates and keep the fucking money.
So anyway i 've been a tad slack with my posts this weekend. I've been busy ok, i'll prob have a roomate moving in soon so i had to clean out my spare room. Also went shopping at Burwood Westfield w/ Bec all sunday afternoon.
Anyway, i was sitting around tonight and felt i should post something... after pullink a blank i decided i'd take a photo of my fish and then start writing something. it appears i've been somewhat successful.
So yeah i'm hungry and i don't know how to cook. How about some suggestions??

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