Thursday, March 17

For Japan With Love - Bloggers Day of Silence

Tomorrow there will be no posts on my blog. And no i didn't forget to schedule posts, i actually pushed my whole schedule back 1 day to allow for the bloggers day of silence through For Japan With love.

We are seeing a lot of horror in that region at the moment. The death toll has risen to 5178 and could possibly go as high as 25,000. Not only that but they are in constant fear of aftershocks and possible tsunamis, as well as an extremely high risk of nuclear meltdown. And to top it off there are hundreds of thousands of people without power or clean drinking water. Put simply, the shit has hit the proverbial fan. Just look at these pics of the devastation...

The above pics from Kyodo News via Reuters or AP

Anyway if you feel the need to do something about this you can donate some funds at any one of the care organisations out there. I personally recommend Medecins Sans Frontieres and have donated to them before, however Red Cross are also good. The team who organised For Japan With Love recommend donating through ShelterBox. Either way, if you can donate bonus if not just keep the people of Japan in your mind as you go about your day and if someone on the train talks on their phone too loud, just let it slide... Hey, At least you are alive.

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