Saturday, February 26

Moving Day!

Today is the final day of moving. My last load of shit is packed up and ready by the door. I've got a pile of clothes to drop off in a donation bin an a few pieces to organise for storage. The cupboards are all empty now and the fridge is bare (well, apart from a few stains) and there is almost no furniture in here. Emma is ready, but Missy i will have to go locate. I'm waiting here with my best friend from high school Daniel, waiting for my parents to return with the car so we can load everything up and leave this infernal place. Emma has a new kennel as well as nice new bowls for both girls.
Rozelle here i come.

P.S. I may be without internet for a week or so, but don't worry i have pre-scheduled quite a few posts to be sure you don't miss me too much.

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