Tuesday, December 29

Just A Minute... in December 09

I came across this interesting blog meme through August Street and thought i should give it a go. Anyway...

Listening... Actually i've been playing quite a bit of 'Three6Mafia' of late. And 'Live' as always.

Praising... the brand Adidas for making a Star Wars range of shoes and tracksuits.

Watching... Fuck loads of movies. And lots of shows on ABC's iView, particularly BBC comedies & Dr Who.

Reading... Breakfast At Tiffany's and am very surprised at how freakishly good it was and how much i'm falling for Holly Gollightly. Plus all my usually blogs & webcomics.

Cooking... Lots of Black & Gold frozen lasagnas, which are surprisingly tasty for cheap frozen meals. Kinda been a bit lazy of late.

Writing... Random comments on Twitter

Sewing... Absolutely nothing as I don't remember how to sew, never had any use for it after finishing home economics in high school.

Loving... My girls Emma-Lee & Missy, all the parties around this time of year, my new photo book & threadless (whom i've recently discovered).

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