Saturday, May 24

Moving Day

I moved recently to a smaller but nicer place in Concord West (So long Summer Hill). The day i had organized to move my cat Missy decided she was going to disappear... Short story is i went back the next day to find her waiting, so i stuffed her in a box and took her on a train. People wouldn't stop staring at the jumping box that was meowing. These pics were taken while walking the last stretch to the new place, Missy stuck her head out of the box to see where we were heading. It was hard taking this shot while carrying the box and a heavy bag, but out of the handful i took these were my favorites.

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spicey pineapple said...

FINALLY! welcome back, you have been missed, well from me anyways. the photos are aweomse congrats on the move and i look forward to reading and viewing what you've got install