Tuesday, February 28


So iwent to a singles event recently hoping to at least make some friends.
Hell i got stood up by the girl who was supposed to be my date for the night (i never even got to meet her), then the only girl who would talk to me all night ended up being engaged (at a singles event WTF?). Then as the trains had all stopped for the night and i didn't want to waste money on a cab just getting myself home, i ended up taking a 2 hour walk from Luna Park to Summer Hill.
Of course i was amazingly tired and depressed after that night. Hell i even went the whole suit and tie thing, shaved off the beard and had my hair trimmed at the hairdresser's. I'm sick of putting myself out there and getting ignored by people.

Anyway on a lighter note i had my first mention online., Check this out i finally got mentioned on a post that wasn't written by me.
How exciting you know your all outrageously jealous.
I guess i can be noticed sometimes. How rare that is though.

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